No matter how much we here at BRG Myrtle Beach "love where we live," we know all too well is that one thing is inevitable when living at the coast - Humidity. I mean sure, we get beautiful warm weather, beach days, and great seafood; but sometimes things can get a little, erm...sticky. The benefits of salt have been known by mankind for thousands of years and one particular benefit can be quite nice when living near the beach.

Did you know Rock Salt and Salt Lamps can be used as natural dehumidifiers? They can also help purify the air and they're great because they can be completely energy free or can be used with a heating element like a lamp.

How does it work? Salt is hygroscopic which means it has the ability to absorb moisture from the air which makes it a natural dehumidifier. We don’t have really have snow days here in the Grand Strand Area, but, you're probably familiar with how they use salt to melt ice and snow in the road.

Salt Lamps & Rock Salt as a Dehumidifier - Coverage Areas

A simple formula you can use to estimate coverage is 1 square foot per 1.5 pounds of salt without heat and 1 square foot per 1 pound of salt with heat. So a medium sized 7-10lb salt lamp will cover 7-12 square feet or a 7-10lb tray or rock salt will cover 4-8 square feet.

Salt Lamps

Salt lamps have a natural look that could blend into almost any style home and can add a warm reddish-orange ambient glow to your room. Not only do they have the aesthetic appeal of a warm glowing crystal lamp, but the light actually produces negatives ions which bind with excess positive ions floating in the air around the lamp. This pulls the pollutants floating around in the air down the base of the crystal. Thus cleaning the air and dehumidifying it. You will need to clean the base of the crystal as pollutants are collected. 

Adding beautiful ambiance to living and working spacs

If you're like some of us and watch way too many shows about DIY PROJECTS, you might want to check out this video and make your own salt lamp and dehumidifier.