Hosting a New Years Party? Here are 5 tips to make sure your bar is ready so you can enjoy the festivities too!

Tip #1 - Make enough to drink! 

Now we know this one sounds pretty obvious but its a safe bet to consider that most guest will have two drinks in the first hour then one every hour after.

Check out this Blood Orange Champagne Mule Recipe HERE

Tip #2 -  Offer a house cocktail!

Create a single signature house cocktail and prepare a big batch ahead of time! A lot of guests will choose to try this drink and being in the real estate industry we suggest choosing a lighter colored drink so any drops or spills are less likely to damage any of your stuff! 

Tip #3 - Cool drinks ahead of time!

An hour before guests arrive make sure to put all bottles on ice. Fill a bucket with ice, water, and even a little salt to keep them cool. 

Tip #4 - Stock up on ice!

In addition to the ice need to keep bottles cool, you should plan on having at least one 10-pound bag for every 3 or 4 guests.

Tip #5- Glasses!

Most guests will have at least 3 drinks so make sure you have enough glasses for everyone. If you don't have enough glasses then check Amazon or your local party supply store for plastic champagne flutes and whatnot.